The Mayor's Post

Greetings from the Mayor’s Office  

The Summer Programs have begun for the City of Freeport with Tennis, Archery, Swimming Lesson and Water Aerobics. A Senior Exercise Program in conjunction with “Walk with Ease” is being held on Wednesdays of each week at the Blount House.

Everyone seems to be enjoying the city pool which is open daily except for Wednesday’s and the pool is fully staffed for the summer, so bring the kids and come and enjoy the newly renovated facilities. The new city website is about ready to be launched in the very near future and the example of the new site has been presented to the council and those attending the recent council meeting. The city is moving forward with the 331 Watermain Extension Project and the Freeport Elevated Water Storage Tank bid was awarded to US Tanks and this project will be moving forward as well.

Surveying that is being required by DOT is being done by the city engineers so that the city will be able to erect new ‘Welcome to Freeport’ Signs and we hope to soon have those at the four entrances to the city within the next couple of months.

The Planning Department is also working on Directional Signage which would be beneficial to those traveling on Hwy 331 so they would have direction to the city facilities in the center of town and other areas of the city as well as the possibility of directions for businesses in the downtown area. A group of 8-10 volunteers from Cross Point-Fort Walton Beach have agreed to come and volunteer their time to improve areas of the city including Laird Park, Marse Landing and the Sport Complex at Hammock Bay. The Parks and Recreation Department presented to the council that there may be as many as 15 trees that should be removed due to disease and other issues but, I wanted to let you know that we are not randomly cutting down trees just to eliminate them. 

The $100,000 that we were in hopes to have received from a FRDAP Grant for a new Cultural Arts Center has been vetoed by the governor, so therefore we are back at square one in application for such a grant but, we will keep pushing along and hope soon we will be successful. 

The Heritage Center is now able to open on Thursday’s and Fridays from 1:00-5:00 PM and hopefully Saturday will be added as a day that it is open soon. Please stop by and check out our history and see all the interesting things and information pertaining to our area. Please don’t forget the upcoming election on July 11th, be sure and cast your vote for the leadership of our fair city. 

Any question, comments or suggestions please give me a call at 850-835-2822.