The Wolfe's Den - June 15, 2017

Hello once again to all you precious readers of ours!

Thank you for all the E-mails and Letters of Confidence you all have sent in. The shear number of them made my eyes tear up, it is a shame that there are people near here who have nothing better to do than to make false claims, say derogatory statements about me and this newspaper. I truly Love the compliments from so many of you elder folks, it gives me a breath of hope. I hoped to stay around here…...

I never intended on this column being more about me. It was intended to be for me to comment my opinion about things as I see or wish to discuss with you readers, for something to think about. Maybe situations that needed attention, so you are not stunned.

So, the last 5 Editions are about my life, as I sit here today, writing to you. The situation is becoming ridiculous, as the neighbor, now conspires into believing whatever my Son has dreamt up. I swear I saw this in a Video game he once played. It’s as if he is reliving the game and even the neighbors are falling for his BS.

I know I am being set-up. I know that the system has not been kind to me to say the least. What started out as a good citizen doing what enforcement asked of me, they now deny for it would have cost someone a job. Thanks. You then charge me, I pay, do time and the same individuals now act as if they need a POPE mobile to walk in for they Fear for their Life? What a crock!

Fact is: (if neighbor wasn’t caught peeping thru our 7’fence towards my youngest daughter’s room just a couple years back). Would we be here, where we are today? Maybe it could have been worse? Fact is: Ever since his conviction for stalking us, harassing me constantly, their actions today is nothing more than a staged plot to revenge against me and my family. The list goes on over 12years with this Couple. If the Cops would have addressed this properly, from my first concern as a single dad of 2 girls in the 2nd grade. I know for a Fact, they would have known to leave us alone. They were even informed of my medical circumstance and was told by Cops to back off of me.

But they didn’t do any-thing as this couple smiled, as if they won and continued to do worse things as the years went on. Complaints were made by my family for over 7years about the way they always are around our property harassing us, peeping strangely as they still do. Talk about the shitty neighbor stories you heard of? This was just one of many that were wrote in over a period of a couple years, from all around Freeport.

So, they now get a Lawyer who thinks of himself as above the Law too. He now is also being fooled from the Lies my Son has told these people as well as he has also told my daughters.

In due time I say….. God knows me. I do not Hunt, nor Fish. Never killed anything but a snake once. The couple now comes to court escorted flanked by guards for they act as if I am Hannibal Lecter? That proves to me that they are believing the stories told by my Son. My Son said the same things as we both got sick of seeing them peering at us in our pool with company over. I counted 37 CD’s full of incriminating video, as well as 8mm video I took during the years of them messing with us. Always going past my driveway peeking to our friends and a few parties we had with the kids. I ran the YMCA for 5 yrs here, including ‘CPO’ for the City Pool. I coached Soccer and basketball. Many of those kids stayed weekends at my house without any incidents of any problems. We had a blast!

As a single Dad, I have proved myself worthy of the responsibilities and duties of a parent, Coach and teacher of many. The closer my children got to be at driving age, the Couple I mention, is still acting the same as they did in the 1st week of moving here. A day I will never forget. It was more like an invasion of our privacy to say the least.
I will offer to any of my readers who write me to come join me in court, anytime. Watch the actions and words being said. It will show you how foolish it is becoming by them. Court is in DFS normally by 8:30. Scheduled dates thus far for me is:, the 19th, 26th and July 6. I am sure they will make more false claims.

Those of you who attend the Presbyterian Church I attend now for the last 6years, please come to witness the person(s) who is making it difficult for me, as you all have helped me in prayers and more. I know that many of you readers could care less about me or what I am experiencing.

I write this to inform you. I am certain that a ‘Couple’ like this, lives near you too. The situations may differ but you will see how the Law has been manipulated enough to destroy a family home. A Man’s business and reputation has been defamed for so many lies and false accusations. When a ‘Couple’ has nothing better to do than to inflict misery upon you. The Lord says to forgive those who have sinned against you? I tried. The list of crap continues to grow from their own misery. The are not Christians, nor do they attend any church or any formal functions to promote the Love of God, as I have.

Those of us who know how we are to live under god’s Law hasn’t experienced the devil working here in Walton County laws. Judges, Lawyers and Cops need to learn more than just the Law itself. You have allowed it to be manipulated under scrutiny and we have the proof to prove what all that has been violated by the same system that wants to have me die in jail for no reason. They do what they want, they help who they want. You not from here? MOVE! You will never be treated fairly or as a resident to the fullest. Just FACTS.