The Wolfe's Den - August 09, 2018

Hello everybody! It’s that time of year again.

Get those kids ready for school! Try and make this year different. Make it a goal to learn something new. How about trying to excel in your desire to design robotics?

Jobs of tomorrow are at a global level, world-wide, no matter the size of your company or it’s employees. I hope you students are aware of the expectations most every-one has from someone who graduated college. Or better yet, a self-confident entrepreneur who made an invention to reusing waste from landfills. Energy sources are needed from all sorts of things. What can you design to build that could affect the entire planet and how we recycle more than ever?

GOAL: It’s what you have to offer someone in business a money saving idea or a way to use solar more on a daily use. It is time for you middle-school students to use your time wisely. Form groups for after school projects that have your friends interest in making an impact. The world of tomorrow relies on the ingenuity of your minds to ask questions, a lot of questions. Once you ask enough questions, you learn to solve those issues of concern with answers and resolutions so that your elders will be forced to listen to your idea. Build a strong case. Have answers to the unasked questions.

Feed your mind with the thoughts of inventing something to simplify life for the elders, or kids with disabilities. What about the homeless, animals and humans alike?

Try to think of how when you look around you driving in this small town of Freeport. Do you think of an idea to make people ‘happy’ if you can get it built? I am sure that Destin didn’t build their city around a Go-Cart buggy race track, but guess what?

There are 2 now. Big Kahuna’s Waterpark, has brought other fun activities for young adults and kids of all ages.
What about Freeport Bowling Lanes? How about clearing some trees and make a family safe Drive-In Theater? I never understood why Root Beer, Cheeseburger stands went away. Sonic has close to the fifties era.

Why is there ‘no-one’ talking about places to build that make people come to Freeport for there is no other one near here like it?

An Indoor Soccer, baseball and amusement game room would be a great feature! Who is selling these ideas? Who is out there looking for people who also have those ideas around the country to discuss the benefits of bringing it to Freeport?
If those commissioner’s would realize there is far more potential in this place than just sending folks to the beach. Go fishing?

If the people who live around here cannot barely afford the rent how will they be able to raise a family with all the amenities that could potentially be here and afford to go enjoy them?

With so much focus on the beach front, what will happen if the State makes it to where citizens can limit the common public, the common enjoyments of our County beaches?

Trust me hundreds of people have moved away in the past 5 years.

They saw the confusion of trying to keep a quaint small town, small and quaint? Or is that even the goal anymore? Every few years someone new enters the mix and then it gets steam only to fizzle out later. Not enough support.

Can you imagine the publicity we all would get thru this newspaper if every business just ran a small Ad? It shows people from outside who is carrying the traditions of a nice small town newspaper. It takes a community to chip-in.

With our Ad prices made to fit any budget, what are you waiting for?

With the growing possibilities of people going to visit mars in the next few years.

How many of you would really go to stay there? So many millions of people live isolated in your own environment that you have very little life experience to really survive anywhere but here. How sad. You must expand your mind. Travel the States, see what is happening as you drive through different States. Notice it’s unique style of landscapes.
If you limit yourself to knowing only have been living here, you are seriously stifling your ability to grow on the inside and live to fulfill your dreams. (I hope you still have some).

Before you allow the injustice being done to you by Laws, don’t minimize the effects you can make as long as you believe in yourself and the way you see the world.

Other people see the world through rough edge glasses that hinder all of what is there, to believing that someone else will take of it, so why bother? Pass it down the road.

Everyday God awakens you from sleep. It is up to you to choose how you want to live today. Bad loves being around Bad. Drug users and thieves hide in the darkness.

People who live each day with a purpose, feel more fulfilled from what they focused on means so much more to them inside.

Follow your dream, your passion, your desires. YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE!

As a student, do NOT allow someone else to ruin your day by picking on you, bullying you, making you feel bad about yourself. Don’t let another day go by, for if you stand up to the situation you can end the situation sooner than later.

Everyday you let a bully mess with you the more confidence they get by doing it to you, soon it becomes more often. If a teacher nor principal doesn’t feel you are worth it. Tell your parents! It will be the same as when you become an Adult. How will you protect your children in the future? Do it now!