The Wolfe's Den - November 16, 2017

Hello everybody! I hope this finds each of you doing better and enjoying this nice cool weather as the so-called winter is coming. I guess that means, no swimming in the Gulf a few days?

I have been able to make time these last few weeks to explore the waters and the beaches throughout this County. The water is feeling cool now; the clarity is wonderful for snorkeling.

Thank you for all the kind well wishes in me through this ordeal I have been handed. Several phone messages and E-mails I have passed it on to the FBI, for it is now a FEDERAL Offense that the Horn’s have committed by crossing another State with stolen goods. (Even though the Deputies in this county have allowed the neighbor to steal and take-off from this State, with 90% of my belongings and personal property).

By not following the leads given nor filing of the proper reports needed.
How is this NOT considered Neglect on both the County Law and the Judge, for such slow response to No Responses to assist this citizen the rights that I have, being denied by certain Minions of the Law? I will spare the list of 12 (so far) who have denied me my rights to my property.

They refuse to write a report of Theft? But yet, everything has been stolen/ missing?
For example. They refused to write a report of theft of my Therapy Dog back in May. They say I need to prove it? She’s missing…….duh?

Well, GOOD NEWS! (No, thanks to anyone here in Walton County, other than myself and few friends). I was contacted this past weekend of my Dog Microchip was alerted and found! Guess where Cops? In Boulder, Colorado. That is where they found my dog (now 4yrs old) tied to a telephone pole. IN THE SNOW & COLD!

See? Take the Law into your own hands. Don’t wait for useless excuses from Deputies who don’t like their job, or they FLAT-OUT refuse to do what Judge Green Commanded them to replevy my property? Dam, (I would love to brag on you deputies here, but…..) How about this? HATS OFF TO THE DENVER AREA POLICE DEPT.!! Within just 2 hours, I received 7 calls from very helpful Police members who do their Best to assist people with problems! NOT HERE THO’…...I got calls from Ft. Collins to Boulder and Denver, all getting the information I provided. Funny, not 1 cuss word used.

Microchip thru PETKEY.ORG. Cops here say she wasn’t stolen? How is she near Denver?
I highly recommend them to everyone, for Pets lost/ found/ stolen/ missing. Go ONLINE.
POLICE, 1,000 miles away did more to assist me, locating my Dog and helping arrange her safe return home to me. This was, still is, ”Way more done in 2 hours, than I received in 5 months, from any Walton County deputy, Sheriff or Detectives. Go figure…...I was right all along! Some of you thought I was just whining? Ha!

Wipe away the mud and see the crap under it. That is corruption.
That is negligence to the citizens needing help, not needing to being hassled & harassed!
It appears that, the one who calls the Cops for help, gets to be the one arrested, most of the time. Do you like that? How about you? Speak UP! This has to CHANGE NOW! Yes, YOU! The citizen that has never been in any trouble (thus far)…..when the Law is slow to respond to investigate or even refuse to listen to your leads, where do you turn? Remember this, even here in Walton County. Everyone will answer to somebody at one time or another.

You like the Life of a thief? Get ready to pay for it too! Just recently, I was threatened by someone I’ve known for quite a while. They dream up in they own mind why they don’t like me or whatever. I am the source for connections to help others find the right people to help them in their own situation. If that has caused someone some heartache…

Oh well, don’t break the Law, you shouldn’t be busted for lack of Worker’s Comp. Huh?
Besides, I am just the messenger telling you all from what I receive in E-mails and phone calls. This place is small, for if you don’t hear the crap, you’re not really listening to the garbage telling it.

Some people need to get over themselves. You are NOT as SPECIAL as you think you are. Maybe to some, but NOT to Many more reading this. Got something to say? E-mail me anytime!

If you have noticed we have more folks sending in News feeds about all kinds of things going on around here and across the USA. All news matters!

In closing this week I would like you all to volunteer for the Holidays to lend a helping hand. Thanksgiving and throughout Christmas is tough for a lot of people in this County.  We can begin to make things better by communicating to each other more often. Listen to those who have lived here a long time. The corrupt people all started from somewhere. It seems as if it has been run in the Family for way too long.

It’s not always the boat that needs fixing. Try changing operators!
Please be safe when traveling throughout the County. Too many people passing on double yellow lines along Hwy. 20 is getting to be an everyday safety issue. Cops take notice.

Take photos of violator’s license plates. They will be watched next time around. Fines continue to cost many people the right to drive period. Don’t risk MY LIFE, for your need to be a dumb ass on the roads. It could be your family who dies next, from careless drivers.