The Wolfe's Den - May 17, 2018

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Trust Is Collapsing in America. When truth itself feels uncertain, how can a democracy be sustained?
“In God We Trust,” goes the motto of the United States. In God, and apparently little else. So many thieves in the system, when will any government official be trusted again?

Only a third of Americans now trust their government “to do what is right”—a decline of 14 percentage points from last year, according to a new report by the communications marketing firm Edelman. Forty-two percent trust the media, relative to 47 percent a year ago. Trust in business and non-governmental organizations, while somewhat higher than trust in government and the media, decreased by 10 and nine percentage points, respectively. Edelman, which for 18 years has been asking people around the world about their level of trust in various institutions, has never before recorded such steep drops in trust in the United States. After the Clinton and Obama Era of destruction and theft!

“This is the first time that a massive drop in trust has not been linked to a pressing economic issue or catastrophe like [Japan’s 2011] Fukushima nuclear disaster”. “In fact, it’s the ultimate irony that it’s happening at a time of prosperity, with the stock market and employment rates in the U.S. at record highs.”

“The root cause of this fall?—just days after polling revealed that Americans’ definition of “fake news” depends as much on their politics as the accuracy of the news, and a Republican senator condemned the American president’s Stalinesque attacks on the press and “evidence-based truth,” and a leading think tank warned that America was suffering from “truth decay” as a result of political polarization and social media—is a “lack of objective facts and rational discourse.” Now they see who is lying to the public.

It used to be that what the higher-up’s label as the “informed public”—those aged 25 to 64 who have a college degree, regularly consume news, and are in the top 25 percent of household income for their age group—placed far greater trust in institutions than the U.S. public as a whole. This year, however, the gap all but vanished, with trust in government in particular plummeting 30 percentage points among the informed public. America is now home to the least-trusting informed public of the 28 countries that the firm surveyed, right below South Africa. Distrust is growing most among younger, high-income Americans.

You may ask yourself this question: Why is Pres. Trump Thriving in an Age of Distrust?
But whereas trust is falling in the United States and a number of other countries with tumultuous politics at the moment, including South Africa, Italy, and Brazil, it’s actually increasing elsewhere, most prominently in China. Eighty-four percent of Chinese respondents said they trusted government—levels the United States hasn’t seen since the early Johnson administration—and 71 percent said they trusted the media. The world’s two most powerful countries, one democratic and the other authoritarian, are moving in opposite directions. In each case, the trajectory is largely being determined by people’s views of government.

Chinese respondents are probably reflecting on the upward mobility and improving quality of life that their political leaders have helped deliver. “I’m looking at my life now and it looks a lot better than it did before, and I can look forward and still see things that would get even better.” When I asked people in public settings, why is it that survey participants tended to trust technology companies much more than government, most reasoned that it was because those companies “have products that perform for you every day—whether it’s your cell phone or your airline.” Chinese respondents might have been making a similar statement about the government’s performance.
“There’s a lot of chaos and uncertainty in the world, and when there is chaos and uncertainty in the world centralized, authoritative power tends to do better,” (It’s worth noting that other countries with high trust levels in the report range politically from democratic India to more-or-less democratic Indonesia and Singapore to the undemocratic United Arab Emirates.)

Yes, it may be much worse in living conditions around the world compared to here in the USA. But the damage to the generations now being brain-washed into thinking something for nothing is the Dream, if not? They steal it from you. No different than any Government Agency.

It’s a sad world we try to be proud as a citizen of our Country when many people hide in fear from yet the same localized government lawmen. If we do not trust anyone in office, why are they there? You must be “nosey” when it comes to rulings, money, law changes, fines, fees and so much more. They have plenty that goes on behind closed doors.

Trust in No One but GOD. When the day comes for judgment of the ultimate kind from the One & Only. How will you act then? Will you need to beg forgiveness for you live as a thief of properties and goods. Will you run away just as you do hiding in the shadows of the darkness hoping no one sees you?

There are signs all around us, that if you read and believe the Bible, the day of trust is done.