The Wolfe's Den - Jan 10, 2019

Hello everybody! I hope this finds you doing well, as we recover from all of those holiday meals. It was a nice change from my previous routines as I was raising my two daughters, those days are behind me as a mere memory of years gone by. It always puts a smile on my face. They were the best years of my life, watching the development and inner growth they shaped into becoming fine individuals of the future.

They are doing so good that I am very proud of myself for the job I did for them. Sacrificing 12 years to become Mr. Mom and more, Coach, Teacher, and so on. If you have children you know what I mean.

I walked away from a valuable professional, touring the USA in Darts for almost 30 years now. I stopped Darts and touring, completely for my daughters, (1st grade, new place, new life) here in Freeport back in 2003. I have picked up my game of Darts and some touring throughout the south. It’s all relatively new turf for me to see who’s around.

Let’s just say it’s been strangely fun meeting people from Miss. Al. & La. It just shows me how differently we were all raised through school and as young men.

It is quite common for a lot of us to use these days to savor in the past of Christmas’s gone by. Too many great people have passed away, it makes you enjoy watching the excitement of children’s reactions to Santa and all the new faces they see each year.

Time sure is going by quicker each years as we get another day older. A little less bolder than you used to be, or at least back then the laws allowed us young men to handle our- selves in a fight without “No police intervention”. Rarely, if ever, was there a parent or a “yelling Mom” who had to get involved with us kids growing up. Learning the way it was to protect each other, each other’s property, each other’s homes and our neighborhood all in between, (we truly had each other’s back). Cops knew of us and never had to think twice that if we were involved, it was for intent of betterment and safety of our neighborhood. It was a mutual unwritten respect we had from Cops as young kids. Why is it today, the total opposite treatment we do now, for this generation of the misguided youth of tomorrow?

How many things have you done that was dangerous, or bad, or testing one’s ability inside of yourself and can’t believe you lived through it? It seems like I had what would be considered a city-life style growing up. We lived just outside the city limits. Many neighborhoods around us had it’s own group of thugs, (or like us), a gang of guys near the same age who didn’t want certain problems to exist near our homes that were creeping out from the “inner-city.” Segregated neighborhoods were and still exist. Only if you have lived in a place feeling un-welcomed or shouldn’t be here, suspicious feelings inside you would you know what it is like. I grew up in that era. It has it’s valid reasoning for it.

There is a “Real Boogie Man” in life! That is anyone who steals from you. Whether it be your heart feelings or thieving useless scum, who actually steal for a living. Existing upon families in turmoil or just as a gunman busts in your door and robs you. Trust me.

The feeling of once having something. A ring, a coin, whatever. Once it is stolen/missing, never to be in your hands again, you feel violated beyond what you appear to let it. The cost is not the issue. The item is not the issue. The fact that someone took from you something you were given to be handed down throughout your family history items, per say, becomes a gut-wrenching sadness within you. Why are so many people depressed?

Those who stole it go unpunished, whether by you, or any form of Law known in existence to assist you (a victim) in regaining your personal possessions. How would you feel? You say you would do what? Yea, go ahead. (Call a Bail Bondsman before you go).

Those criminals will get more lawyer assistance than you. If they get harmed, guess who they will be coming to see and arrest? You! They will tell you to stand back let them do their job? Where do you turn when they refuse to do you any help?

Even in a rape case! Once they say it’s an “open investigation”, you won’t be told nothing! You cannot get any information to help your family member who was sexually assaulted because they await a rape-kit result to come back? Trust me, this is not a joke!

I do not write any of my experiences if it were not something I feel you won’t believe it,  until it happens to you type of thing. People this is a REALITY every hour of life!

If you folks who read this, do not start getting involved more and at a deeper level, you have little to no chance that your grandchild will not someday be treated, unjustifiably the same lawless way it’s been here, long before I got here. I’ve been written over a hundred times about someone being done wrong, by the Deputies & Sheriff around here.

You think it’s not so? How about this. You say those local county Cops here are keeping you so safe. Why do you have fences, walls and locks on things, to safe-keep you and your family’s protection? Get security camera’s and next you here is you’re a meth-dealer. Who puts up camera’s? Really? Yes, that is what I’ve heard about hundreds of you folks. To me, it’s a joke. The truth is, The Only people who don’t like security and video? Are thieves, crooks, robbers, molesters, predators and all those other suspicious nosy neighbors near you. Those are what you think are legal US citizens, right? What if they aren’t? It’s worse.