The Wolfe's Den - February 8, 2018

Hello everybody! The weather is trying to bring Spring Break fast upon us, but the threats of colder winds keep sweeping in on us a few days each week it seems. Plenty of room on the Beaches for the Cold weather keeps popping up. It’s a beautiful sight no matter the temperature. The changes made daily by the strength of the water must be recognized and respected by folks of all ages. Read the Warnings Signs as you go to the Beach.Share the information with the tourists so they can avoid a scare of a rip-current.

It is more common to happen here as we are the last top end of the entire Gulf of Mexico.
Keep an eye on the smaller children and the elderly for it may catch them ‘off guard’ and force them into a “panic-mode”, which can turn deadly in less than a minute. Be prepared.

As most all of you know by now, I have had an immense showing of support from the Public about filing and fighting the way I have been done wrong. I also will be standing up for my civil-rights in a Shade Tree process of Court Dates.

Only allowing so much time to go by, that those in your house (unannounced to you), they earn rights to stay merely based for the amount of time passed during the times of filing and awaiting dates. That is what I have read at least in 40+ E-mails.

How long will you sit quiet to the way many people and families are destroyed in this County by the interference of the Law becoming involved in your situation?

I’ve requested over 7 months ago. Asking for someone to tell me a Great Ending Story that once the Sheriff became involved that everything was handled superbly, helping people with a true care or concern. Not 1 story has been uplifting. 88% of all stories or comments submitted to us have been a form of complaining and talking about the dirty unlawful tactics used against them.

Next thing I have said is fact! If you are not willing to stand in a “Protest Peaceful Form” of Display in the streets, you will never get the attention you deserve. Didn’t you all see how far the BLM movement went to get attention brought to their issues? Yes, they went extreme, burning businesses and destroying property. Who suffered most? Especially when half of the people were bussed in from other cities to cause Havoc. Just as they did to nearly every Trump function.

Wear a hat that says: “Make America Great Again”. Then, Get your ass-beat?
The Democratic Party has not attempted to make any deal that agrees with what Trump is trying to accomplish for those of us people who elected him.

Why should anyone who votes on whether our Military Members get paid or not, continue to get pay themselves? I would recommend that trump make all of Congress report, sit, listen and they can’t go home until compromise is met. How about Trump telling them who doesn’t show up to meetings, don’t get paid. It would be that way for any of us now reading this. Office meeting, don’t offer solutions only answer ‘NO’ to all IDEAS thought of to be a remedy for a problematic situation we are currently involved in?

I doubt you will last long with the company. No matter how bad the taste may get from eating some Crow but at least it would build trust towards those elected officials who have seem to appeared against Trump on anything.

That is Not how you can get things accomplished. Don’t bring a drill to go out on your boat just to sink it once out there.

Donald Trump has things economically going in a good direction without getting any of the credit he deserves. He has achieved more in his 1st year as President than any other taking office.
If the issues are Black & White, how come even our Race-Relations are at a high-level of concern. The amount of undocumented Illegal’s already here in the U.S. have become the most hidden danger being dealt with by loose fitting Laws. Then California wants to be Mexico too? If any city in our Nation wants to harbor criminals, thieves, murderers, rapists and drug dealers bringing massive quantities of deadly terrorist atmospheres, besides the heroine, child abductions and worse they should NOT get any funding to support from the Govt. when they refuse to uphold the Laws in place!

Shouldn’t the same demands be placed over our local County servants? Do your job 100% by the books (as written) or be fired! There is no room for these upper level positions to abuse, change, manipulate or even accept bribes from Lawyers to get clients “off”.

Raise your kids to tell the truth, yet those who hold your life in their hand, don’t do the same? How long it will be before you see the disrespect more prominent that underlines ‘bad decisions’ and why these teens today, do Not trust the Law here?

Chances are the Uncle, G-pa, cousin or even the Dad has been done wrong before.
Make 1 mistake and your life becomes ‘stereo-typical’ for the rest of the time you live here, (by the Law profiling you) based on your past or even someone else in your past blood-line. How fair is that to you if you succeed further than anyone else in your family only to be caught with a joint and because ‘Uncle Hucknshit’ was a big-time dealer back in the day? That itself is UN-Constitutional. Does the system act as if they don’t know?

Best chance for you to succeed in your future, without this stigma caused upon by the Law handling your entire family as ‘bad people’ just for there was one. But we can’t say that same thing about the Deputy’s and their past Law enforcers who were rotten, dirty and taking of handling the Law their own way. (God forbid if each one caught dirty was fired).