The Wolfe's Den - September 21, 2017

Howdy everybody. What an exciting couple weeks it has been around here for me. From the threat of Hurricanes, to helping friends down in the south part of Florida. It is a shame, but you cannot stop Mother Nature. She obviously does whatever she wants. God Bless those all affected.

I did a bit of traveling to meet up with some state officials concerning my case and filed the necessary papers they stated to me, to fulfill my right, to collect all my belongings. Thus far the ‘squatters’ seem to feel that all my family’s belongings now belong to them to try and avoid major theft charges. I know many of you will find that hard to believe. WELCOME to Walton County!

For those of you interested in my case and have been asking, ‘head a warning’ don’t trust anyone! For even the police, once involved, do Not try and assist you, as a Judge once ordered. They now play games, as you watch your belongings disappear into trash, the neighbor has a bunch. I watched people in trucks come by as neighbor stuck FREE signs on my antique Gma’s furniture. What scum disgraceful actions. But you know how it is here. Thieves are all over this place, along with those sexual pedophiles you all don’t know about until it’s too late. Just wait around they’ll get you too. Unless you stop now!

Remember, back in March. Original order said, to be escorted to my home as often as I may need. (They restrict me to the place). Then now ‘squatters tell the Cops I abandoned my things? Get real. Come on people. Come to the courthouse. I have written long enough and in detail long enough about the BS my Son and the neighbors have done to me since late March. Read my columns from each week. You (the court of Public Opinion) have spoken to me long enough. This isn’t right! The judge should know better, etc.

You all know the location of which these rotten low down disgusting people reside. I know what all I have endured during this court systems and hearings. I know what I have been told by several judges. Now, why is it so hard to get it to be followed through with? Especially once case was dismissed? Gaveled 3times by J. Wells. I was told to get my belongings and the ‘squatters’ fend off the 3 deputies and higher-ups from letting me achieve what I been waiting for so many months to retrieve and now it’s stolen?

Let me ask each of you to call in to the Judge, make a complaint or even leave a comment. All you want. They are elected by people around here. This is beyond a joke. As a US Veteran, I am embarrassed to say I live here to anyone. I serve with my life on the line. Just as the medical situation within me has drastically changed worse and yet the system plays games with dates/ times, etc. This has been a long awaited time for they knew it all. They say they were ready to help me get-n-go? They showed up to escort, didn’t they? So, how can anyone stop police duty and not be charged? Even disobeying a Judge’s printed order? I know you all have heard enough, but I tell you all this for there are people next door to you now just as dirty and sneaky about taking your stuff.

I wonder if the Judge ever had someone steal his belongings before. How about all your family heirlooms stolen, sir? If he ever did, I’m sure he should have no pity for excuses to someone violating what he promised me originally back in a March hearing.

What the Judge said. Does it have any bearing and consequences to those who flat out chose to ignore his ordered words? Not what the Cops say. More excuses not helping end the situation. Let me get my things and we can deal through courts over the next 5 years. But to allow them to straight up steal in front of a P.I. on video too? Come on, get real!

We’ll see how well things go for them as the house of cards is about to come down!
To those of you who have done this to my family, may God have mercy on your soul. If you even have one. If the people of this county and this Law system does not get things corrected. I have no Fear, GOD WILL! He will do what I cannot, for it is written.

I have been through way too much, for such a ‘thief’ to enter our family home of 15years and you not act like nothing nor anything meant anything to anyone living there? Did you fail to read the list entered in court of my things? You are scum trash, to not even know the full scale of what you ‘willing jumped’ into. You decided to make yourself an element to me and for my ‘people’ to deal with. That was your choice not mine.
To those of you helping me, please continue to drive thru make sure you see the changes and disappearance of my belongings. I appreciate you all. It’s like a Community watch program, yet we all know who and where the criminals are.

I would never have done to anyone or their stuff the way they have done mine.
What good is it to ‘cherish past memories’ if a Law or a Judge or even a cop doesn’t help you retrieve those things?

What would you do? Write my E-mail. You all know I answer them all.

Before I forget, we are in contract negotiation to expanding this newspaper more firmly than you may think we appear. We have a few new employees as well as volunteers. We are all in this place together. Rid this place of the Takers, and fill the landfills with people who are righteous, honest and caring. The world needs a ton more of them.
Whether I stay near or far, I will be always be waiting to read your Emails. Many of you readers feel like family, from all the conversations we have had over 10 years now? How many other businesses can you name that lasted that long here in Freeport? I have!

Spread the word. You’ll be seeing us out and about more often watching all our locations!