The Wolfe's Den - August 10, 2017

Hello, to all you lovely people. I am fulfilled by the so many wonderful number of E-mails I get each week. I truly appreciate your care and concerns.

How far will you go to express your Freedoms?

It depends on which way you are looking at the question itself. Bottom Up or Top Down? 

As to what kind of precious freedoms we take for granted compared to so many other places in the world. Imagine a shear number of lives lost thus far for wanting to escape deplorable conditions. Rituals they claim they “must do”, or for a religious purpose sent by Allah, it is written? Burn our Bible or US Flag? Not near me!

As I write this, I want you to understand the simple freedom’s we all have, to write in, print it, make a discussion, pick a topic. Let me know what you would like me to have ‘looked into”, for our public concerns that may need to be addressed by the Board. You (the people are the one, as a group) that can bring the attention needed to be addressed officially. It doesn’t take an official “titled group” of members to have a county or state entity meet or discuss matters that need attending to. There are channels of avenues within the legislative processes that are available to each and every citizen of the U.S.A. No matter what the level of it may be. From local county issues to city issues. Ordinances that are in violation are clear to see however you must file a formal complaint for it to be ad-dressed. I think that should be part of the Job of Code Enforcement, to drive the roads and see violated encroachments and setbacks restricting future paving of residential county maintained roads. Fine them and force to remove from Right of Way. Simple. If they DO as the Law says already, there are punishable fines and potential jail sentences for non-compliant violators who are repeat habitual nuisances and abusers to the system.

Like I mentioned last Edition. Most people only read the laws ‘after’ they are involved with a cop and arrest. Whether it be criminal or civil, once the Law gets involved. Things will never be the same for those involved. They pick and choose on the streets who to help and who to haul away. (Sometimes just because they dealt with you before).

As we see the struggles our President Trump it sickens me to see someone whom that the people elected and want to see get the ‘USA back on Top’ once again. I feel the democrats need to extend a hand to an idea that will sway most of them to vote the Healthcare system reform before it collapses. Then again, once it does collapse, it dies. Then, Trump can announce a new healthcare bill without any hold ups. Executive orders can be implemented once there is nothing of a system left. Emergency situations call for emergency strategy and plans.

If the fake media would let the Russia idea fall aside, (unless they decide to re-open Hillary’s E-mails and smashed evidence after a subpoena was issued). Bill Clinton meeting Loretta Lynch on tarmac, yet nothing fully disclosed. Only minutes later to hear FBI Director Comey state multiple reasons for Hillary to be prosecuted. (Just as any common citizen). Yet, near the ending of his speech Comey’s face blushed red, he used a lame excuse as if to say, she didn’t mean to? Really? Her record of deception, ever since she was an intern for the Nixon Watergate scandal… do people break the law, do no time, carry on with life as if nothing was them? Do the research, check the records of Politicians who have been caught in scandals, drugs and Dui’s, the number is stunning. 

With that being pointed out. I revert back to same ‘local game’ running here in Walton county. Read your laws and rights BEFORE you are behind bars, you will notice the violations being placed upon you for unsubstantiated evidence or ‘hearsay’. If a Judge won’t accept ‘hearsay’ in trial, then why would any arresting officer on a scene? But they do it all day long. Probable cause can be for anything they make up.

The Old saying of ‘being innocent’ until ‘proven guilty’, has flipped over. Everyone who shows emotion beyond what they consider ‘normal’, will be arrested. Most police know the area and certain situations before they arrive to the location. How many false claims can be made, before they are charged with misusing emergency officers? 

Read the Constitution, the Bill of Rights. Read your local Laws, for when the times comes you will experience a neighbor, who disregards your peace, privacy and the Right to be Left Alone! Until you catch a peeper, stalker, harasser, creep, drug dealer, will you know?

With the way the USA will be seeing some growing pains, so will us here in Walton County. Protect yourself, know the Laws and then use them against wrongful accusers who lied under oath. There is a time and a place for turning the cheek. That time has not come forth. May the Laws for contempt, show no Mercy, for they have decided to play the game of using false claims to disobey a Judge’s order. Even the police did too. 

Remember, just because people ‘lie’ for personal gain, does NOT mean that YOU still don’t have Rights too! Read and study up, the world is changing into a more police state.

However, beware when you know they are crossing the line with your rights. The Law says: to protect and serve. It just depends who they are protecting= con artist?

Serving arrest warrants= FTA…..people, quit feeding the system! Make your court dates. You only prolong the situation for you failed to show up? Be smart. Get this behind you. Be good, see if society gives you a second chance. Take care of your kids.

Praise God that you awake to see another day. Put a smile on a face!

Make the BEST of it: make the wrong, right. Live a better life.